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Black & White Versus Color


How do you choose whether a picture should be in black and white, versus color?

It really is a preference, and where will you piece or portrait be hanging?

Some things to consider would be:

  • Does the room you will be hanging it already have a lot of color in it?
    • Maybe choosing black & white would off set the room


  • What type of emotion would you like to evoke from your photograph?



My Professional Learning Curve


I am very fortunate to have 2 careers and multiple interests as an artist.    When I was first became interested in photography, in 2001, at that time I was working for Redken/Loreal USA as a hair color educator.

saw the world in color, but I learned very quickly that just because I saw the world in color, that it did not mean that the a photograph of brightly colored flowers was going to translate very well, in black in white.

One of my first photography college course assignments, was to go outdoors and photograph something.  Here is the catch, though, the photography course was an “old school” black & white photography course.     So, off I went outside and was so very excited to just start shooting because they were going to teach us how to develop our own film, in a darkroom.

So, me and my camera were off……….    I spent some time photographing flowers that were planted in a landscaped area.    I was all excited….until I spent I hand developed them.

To my disappointment, the flowers did not look so great in shades of grey.    It is kind of funny, now actually.   When is the last time someone sent you grey flowers?

Anyhow, I quickly started looking at the world as a photographer versus a hair colorist.  (This link will bring you to my other site)   I found that I started to gravitate to looking at shapes within a “shot” or if it was a portrait that I would be taking; I would ask myself if it was going to make the photograph look timeless?



Creating Imagery & Pieces

Choosing to professional photography and a professional photographer will give you more artistic options.

Whatever your project is, or need my business has many professional & customizable products to share your moment or message!


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