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 When did sitting behind glass become the norm?



Take a moment, as you begin to read this and pause.   Visualize your “typical” day, and how you communicate with people around you. 



When was the last time you gave thought to this: 

How many times is there a piece of glass between you, and your friend? 

How often is there a screen sitting between you and a friend or loved one?


How often do you use an emoji, to help communicate……so you are not misunderstood.?

Have you thought about needing to call someone, but find yourself wondering if it is “ok” to actually call them………..and hear their voice?






Is Digital Making Us Invisible?



Most recently, I was talking with a family member and we were going down memory lane about how “the family use to get together”.


Bingo, and just like that when I realized that the actual INTERNET, could be a cause in the decline of “in person” get togethers!

Ask yourself right now, and count on you hand how many times you have gone to coffee with a friend, or gone over their house, and visited them, this month.………in person? 

Is it:


2 or 3 times? 

More than 6 months?

Up to 1 year?


It’s not your fault.     Technology has just been the biggest enabler………..   

AND now enters an ?







Live Life In 3D




Experiencing life without an “augmented” reality are what really make memories, create laughs and should not ever be replaced with a piece of glass.     


If this post does nothing more than to provoke your thoughts, then that makes me happy because life is meant to be lived in 3D. 







Print Your Memories -Preserve Your History


Touchable is Tangible





Technology is not ever going away.       Some day there with a version of an Apple phone   version 159X ……hahhahaha   


 What will change?   

The types of storage to hold those special moments with friends.  


Please take the time to think about what might exist, in only 10 years?  



VHS was replaced by CD

CD was replaced DVD

DVD is still here but then there was a better version ……BLUE Ray


DVD?……now there’s Netflix




……………………..if the future generations cannot open the storage, then your memories will be lost.   


Please go to coffee with a friend. 

Please print off a photo of coffee with your friend. 



Please get out from behind your glass. 


 Is digital making you invisible?  





Thank you, 

Ann Marie Walts

Artist/Visual Storyteller

Photographer/ Marketer

Makeover Artist

………..Intelligent human being that likes to get others together.




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