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Fun Headshot Photography


There is more to getting your headshot taken than just sitting on a stool and saying, “cheese”.    If you are like most people, then you may not feel comfortable getting your photograph taken.    That is not uncommon, but it does not have to be that way, and especially when you hire us!


How To Get Comfortable



 That might be easier said than done, but with our 20+ years of combined photography, hair & makeup we will ensure…to the best of our abilities that you will feel and look awesome during your whole photo shoot process.    It’s our job to make you feel comfortable, and not the other way around.

Tip #2   Clothes- If you are getting specifically a headshot, then the main focus will be on your face.   It is always a good idea to bring a few outfits for a variety of choices, even if your shoot is only booked for “one look”.

  • Stripes— Always will add width.
  • Prints & Loud Color —  Maybe you are very expressive with your wardrobe.   It is always best to be sure that your wardrobe compliments your hair color, and your makeup.    Sometimes, very busy, busy prints can overpower a headshot, but not always.    However, with that said, it does have a big part of expressing your personality, too.
  • Solid Colors –  Darker colors are always slenderizing.   Solid colors can be very classic, yet not boring, and in fact they can be very classy.


Tip #3  Take the compliments!  Social media is such a mainstream part of our lives today, and you can expect your feed to blow up with compliments!!

Tip #4  Boost your confidence!    If you have not had a reason to get your headshot taken, the now is the time.   The best part is you really do not need a reason, other than you deserve too.    Having your own photoshoot, hair and makeup done and experiencing the process is not only fun, but it can boost your confidence.

When you feel good…you will look good.    When you look good…you will feel fantastic!!

Thank you for reading.



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