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Color Portraits vs Black White Photography?


It is sometimes hard to choose whether a portrait should be left in color or be rendered in black & white.


How to decide tips:


  • If your portrait or piece is going to contain color, then you may want to consider where you are going to hang it.
  • Is it going to be the focal point of your room?



Black & White Photography?

  • If you room is already colorful, then you simply cannot go wrong with opting for black & white photography.
  • Black & White tends to be more timeless, for portraits.




Then a great deciding factor is what type of emotional response are you wanting to evoke, when someone sees your photograph or portrait?


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Seeing the world in both….

As your professional photographer, you will find that I am not a stranger to seeing the advantage of both.   As a professional creative, I have also a background as a hair colorist.

In 2001, I learned very quickly that I had to look at color vs black & white a bit differently, when it came to photography.   My introduction into professional photography began when I had to spend time in a darkroom, developing my own film.

The topic of “developing film”, sounds a bit odd now, because digital has just about taken over.  The real principle of photography involve more than simply owning a digital camera.

I love light!    Photography is all about light; while hair color is all about color.

Customizing your shoot:

You can be confident that I will consult with you, before you ever step onto the set.   I want to ensure that I understand what your expectations are, and help you feel very comfortable.

I strive to help my guests feel at ease, as quickly as possible.
~Thank you for reading!   Ann Marie Walts


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