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It’s Time For A “Selfie”

Photography goes hand in hand with hair & makeup to complete your “selfie” portrait session.     The unique “point of difference” that  Ann Marie Walts Photography can offer, to you, is that I am a professional hairstylist, too!    If you struggle with your hair & makeup and are planning on getting professional photographs taken, then you do not have to stress at all.

You can your “selfie” taken care of………..all in one place or two.   

Selfies can be fun.    



Congrats Christine!

What To Expect

  • Makeup Up Application!  Simply come with a clean & moisturized face
  • Light Hair Styling!    Simply come with freshly shampooed and dried hair
  • Bring your smile!
  • Fun Time.


What To Bring

  • Bring a few choices for outfits!
    •  Casual
    • Dressy…if you like
  • Black Top or Dark Top
  • Your favorite accessories

When it comes to outfits and portraits, I recommend solids for portraits.


Improve Your Portrait – Tips

  • Drink water because it will hydrate your skin
  • Get a full night’s sleep, the night before
  • Do not stress on “what to bring”



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