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Egyptian Sunlight by Western Ma Photographer

Photographing sunlight can produce images that simply leave you feeling warm.

As a western ma photographer, our weather can be simply unpredictable.  It can be 30 degrees one and 80 degrees, the next.

However, in Egypt the heat stays constant and the sunlight is simply beautiful.   The temp could get up over 100 degrees, and if you are not use to that, then you will find that you will be looking for a place in the shade, very often.

I was fortunate enough to spend almost 3 weeks, and experience a history that is 1,000’s of years old.

I was asked if I had to pick one type of photography to specialize in, what would it be?    I really am not able to choose because as an Artist who loves view life through a lens……..there are too many choices.

Thank you for reading.

~Ann Marie Walt Photography

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