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It is ALWAYS…Mother’s Day!


If you are a first time new Mommy then everything has changed.    Having a baby is celebrated game changer, and all of the time waiting for your new bundle may come with a variety changes.




Get your “Mom-Over”!


….lol……I am not talking about calling your own Mom and having her over, well until it is time to book your Mom-Over session.


First and foremost, I need to thank and congratulate my guest Victoria!    She won my Facebook Contest that I had ran on my salon’s (Loft Salon Studio) page for a “mini-makeover”.




Your Baby is finally here….


Having a baby is one of the biggest or the biggest life event that you can or have experienced.


How are you feeling?    Happy, sad, emotional, and then back to happy…..?      If you can relate to this, as a mom, I can tell you that that is normal.


Really, do not be hard on yourself, and in fact use your humor whenever possible.


If you are not one of the “lucky” women that just breezed through their pregnancy… (lol….and really does any woman if they are brutally honest? )…my biggest advice to you is this:


Do not be too hard on yourself!    I repeat….do not be too hard on yourself.






Well let’s review this.   You just gave birth, and there was so much anticipation leading up the the “Big Event”.    It’s not without saying, probably, all of the preparation of getting everything that you needed for “the baby”.


  • Nursery is painted
  • Diapers are stocked
  • Bottle warmer….might be like the Keurig machine, if you are lucky
  • You finally are looking forward to ditching the maternity clothes


I will share a personal story….



I remember when my own daughter was only about 1 or 2 months old, when I was sitting in the living room, and noticed her tiny little coat hanging in our closet.   There the little coat hung next to mine, and then my coat was hanging next to his.


We had been married for 7 years, before she came into our lives, however….I found myself staring at the tiny coat and said this to my husband, “….look at her coat, and oh my….we have someone else living with us for about the next 20 years!”


He kind of looked at me like I had two heads, and said…”You are just realizing that?”.        I can share with you was that for me, it was my daughter’s coat that made me realized that……..I was a mom.


I was someone’s MOM….


I had so many various emotions, and they were something like this:


  • Shock
  • Happy
  • Uncertain
  • Guilt
  • ….back to happy

There are so many extra hormones that us women have when we are pregnant, and then they just do not go “poof!” when “the baby” gets here.     I had put too much pressure on myself to be “happier”, and then in turn…would feel guilty.

Happy, cry…happy…cry……      No one, but a friend…after the fact….had told me what to expect, and it would of been maybe a little easier if someone had.   LOL.

I had become  so sensitive, that I found that I could not watch CSI or any show that was violent or bloody.   Basically, I felt confused for awhile until we (our family) got into a routine.   Routine…hahahhaha…well our new routine.



Another tip….Do not freak out when you experience, for the first time, accidentally sleeping through the night.   I had that happen.   I found myself crying again, and trying to apply for the “unfit mother of the year award”.      My mother-in-law assured my that my daughter was not going to starve to death because of that one night.

….Introducing your “Mom-Over”


There is no reason to ever lose your sass, sizzle and or sexiness because you are now a mom.

You do not have to running to buy your “Mom” jeans, whack your hair all off, and put the stick figure stickers, on the back of your mini-van…just yet.

My expertise for the last 20+ years, has been providing complete makeovers, to 1,000’s of guests.    Over the 2 decades of consulting with clients, I have learned so much from the guests that have gone through the makeover consultations.



Victoria’s Description….Newborn-Photographer-Near-Me-Ann-Marie-Walts

I asked Victoria how she would best describe her contest experience, and she said she felt like it was and should be called a “Mom-Over”.       Again, so much of my creative inspirations come from my guests.

My daughter is now 16, and Victoria’s little baby boy just arrived, but there are very common things that all mothers go through.

Pictures speak 1,000’s of words….and Victoria does not look like she just had a baby. 



Consider This….

Why not book yourself in for a Mom-Over (Mommy Makeover)….right away, and in fact, before your baby’s shoot.   Yes, take the time to immediately put yourself first!!

What a self confidence boost, and there is nothing wrong with share the limelight with your new bundle of Joy!

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